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Natural Pre-Plucked Hairline

After all my years of living with Alopecia I wore wigs that gave me an awkward and unnatural appearance. I hated the curious stare!

I struggled in my everyday life to disguise my unnatural hairline. I lacked a sense of freedom and self confidence. I would often wear a cap on a windy day and drew away from people for fear of a curious stare – she is wearing a wig. Love yourself with Alopecia – Step into the world with my new realistic hairline wig.

Natural pre-plucked hair line with baby hair

Creating a natural hairline is vital for the natural appearance. A pre-plucked hairline has become an crucial feature for a lace wig. It is a method of how the hair is hand tied to the lace. Usually a wig maker will tie 2-3 hair strands to the lace mesh. This is an easier method of tying the hair to the lace however most girls on receiving their wigs will do their own changes on their wig to fit a natural hairline. This creates a softer natural look and the hair is not heavy in the front of the hairline.

Our wig manufacturer understands the necessity of a natural pre-plucked hairline with baby hair around the edges of the hairline for Alopecia wearers. This requires a process and takes about two weeks longer to a normal order. I suggest that you order a customized wig that will fit you best to create a flawless, natural and undetectable hairline.

How To Measure My Wig Length

Choosing the correct wig length is imperative to the finality process in the way your wig falls on your appearance. This will determine how well your wig will best suit you. My sexy wig length!

Let me guide you with an image in detail to help you how to measure your wig and what straight, wavy hair and curly hair will look like on you in different hair length. 

Curly and wavy wigs are processed from straight hair so the hair length will be shorter by 1-2 inches. You should stretch the hair strands to straight when you are measuring your curly and wavy hair.

To measure accurately with curly or wavy hair subtract 1-2 inches. The hair length should be measured from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. I suggest that you order the hair a little longer if you are not sure to the desired length. You can trim the length shorter to achieve your final fall on your appearance. Brace yourself with Alopecia, We offer the hottest trendy hairstyles in available lengths.

My Wig Cap Size

So let us get started in how to get a comfortable and secure size wig cap measurement to fit you perfectly.

Measuring the right wig cap size

Our wigs offer sizes in small, petite, average and large. The average size wigs tends to fit about most Alopecia customers, however most of our wigs have adjustable straps if you are looking for a more secure and comfortable fit.
To find the right size wig for you, you will need to measure the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear and then back to the front hairline. Write down your measurement then follow the table below. Please take note that sizes may differ slightly by make and not all wigs are available in all cap sizes. Follow the chart below to help you find the suitable measurement for your gorgeous wig. Alopecia My First Wig

Wig Cap Size Chart

Alopecia – Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs are machine or handmade and does not require a head measurement unless it is custom made. Lace front wigs have strands of hair that is knotted onto the lace panel at the front hairline and across ear to ear. The remaining of the wig is made of a stronger material that will not tear as easily as the lace. This gives a natural hairline that can be parted anywhere throughout the front of the wig. Our Alopecia wigs are guaranteed high quality.

The cap style needs only to be glued down on the front hairline and on the side from ear to ear. This type of lace front wig is ideally suited for women that do not want to wear their hair pinned up in a high pony tail and looking for a longer and affordable wear. The front lace wigs has two combs in the front and back with adjustable hooks at the back of the wig cap that ensures a secure fit.
Lace front wigs is the most popular option, it is easy to wear as they are stretchy and cover the whole scalp that gives a natural illusion of a hairline. My sexy Lace front wig available in custom styles.

Long Curly 360 Lace Wig Virgin Brazilian Hair Wig 150 Density with Pre-plucked Hairline

My Sexy Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wigs are units made with the full wig cap being made from lace. This gives you a natural hairline that can be parted anywhere throughout the wig. Human hair is hand tied to the lace base. This will require the lace to be cut all around the unit to create a natural hairline. The lace is made of Swiss or French lace. French lace is tougher and more noticeable with a naked eye. This type of lace has a longer durability. The Swiss lace is more unnoticed to the human eye. A head measurement is required to achieve the right fit for your scalp. Full lace wigs are comfortable and light to wear and the mesh allows the wearer a breathable scalp. This wig type is easy to style in a number of ways and it allows you to wear your hair in a high a ponytails. When applying the lace wig to the scalp the unit offers a flawless, natural and undetectable hairline. Alopecia – My Sexy Full Lace Wig

Full Lace Wig

Density My Natural Hair

Lets us talk about density, this means the thickness of the hair that is weaved into the wig cap. It is the final look as to how realistic you want your hair to be. You want your wig to be realistic looking when parted to show a natural look as if it was your own hairline. Our average human head is considered to be between 100% to 120%. This density is naturally realistic looking in appearance.

Finding the right density has been a puzzled challenge for me. My stylist would thin out the hair until the right density had been achieved for my appearance. I would advise you to choose a density slightly higher to allow you to make the changes. Brace yourself with confidence find our gorgeous wig here.

Medium density 120%

I am grateful to share with you a standard hair density chart percentage that will show you how light, medium or thick the hair is classified as a density.

On the other hand you need to take note that the hair density is not the fullness of the hair. 

You can have curled, wavy hair and another side have smooth straight hair, both being the same density and will both have a different appearance in fullness. In having said all of this I recommend a density of 120%, you do not want to be looked at with a curious stare.  She is wearing a wig!

My density chart will help you follow the best hair fullness for you. Step into the world with my gorgeous hair.

Types of Human Hair Fiber

Types of Human Hair Fiber


Virgin and Remy hair are both 100% natural human hair. The difference between Virgin and Remy is that the donor of Remy hair has used harsh chemicals such as dyes, perms or bleaches.

The donor of Virgin hair has not used any chemical products. This hair is more precious and expensive. Both hair are smooth and silky and in perfect quality.

The best natural human hair supplier has used time and special consideration to achieve a top result in creating a high quality wig to ensure that is it perfectly designed to suit your appearance. Follow my link to my first sexy wig.

Human hair is the ideal option for anyone who wears a wig daily or for a long period in particular Alopecia hair loss. Human hair looks natural and offers natural styling options. Let us look at the options for Alopecia ladies – my sexy hair with 100% natural hair fibers available here.

Chinese hair has a thicker denier which results in the hair being extremely straight this may cause resistance to curls and body.

Indian hair has a thinner denier close to a European hair but has texture and wave.

Brazilian is  has a higher quality, it is thick,smooth, silky and more durable. It blends well with any skin color and well suited for long term use. My best choice by far is Brazilian hair which is well suited for Alopecia wearers. Step into the world with beauty and radiance.