Density My Natural Hair

Lets us talk about density, this means the thickness of the hair that is weaved into the wig cap. It is the final look as to how realistic you want your hair to be. You want your wig to be realistic looking when parted to show a natural look as if it was your own hairline. Our average human head is considered to be between 100% to 120%. This density is naturally realistic looking in appearance.

Finding the right density has been a puzzled challenge for me. My stylist would thin out the hair until the right density had been achieved for my appearance. I would advise you to choose a density slightly higher to allow you to make the changes. Brace yourself with confidence find our gorgeous wig here.

Medium density 120%

I am grateful to share with you a standard hair density chart percentage that will show you how light, medium or thick the hair is classified as a density.

On the other hand you need to take note that the hair density is not the fullness of the hair. 

You can have curled, wavy hair and another side have smooth straight hair, both being the same density and will both have a different appearance in fullness. In having said all of this I recommend a density of 120%, you do not want to be looked at with a curious stare.  She is wearing a wig!

My density chart will help you follow the best hair fullness for you. Step into the world with my gorgeous hair.

Author: Maria

My name is Maria, I have Alopecia, I would like to help others with the challenges of living with the condition of Alopecia.

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