Types of Human Hair Fiber

Types of Human Hair Fiber


Virgin and Remy hair are both 100% natural human hair. The difference between Virgin and Remy is that the donor of Remy hair has used harsh chemicals such as dyes, perms or bleaches.

The donor of Virgin hair has not used any chemical products. This hair is more precious and expensive. Both hair are smooth and silky and in perfect quality.

The best natural human hair supplier has used time and special consideration to achieve a top result in creating a high quality wig to ensure that is it perfectly designed to suit your appearance. Follow my link to my first sexy wig. https://www.premierlacewigs.com/referral/index/index/id/11743/

Human hair is the ideal option for anyone who wears a wig daily or for a long period in particular Alopecia hair loss. Human hair looks natural and offers natural styling options. Let us look at the options for Alopecia ladies – my sexy hair with 100% natural hair fibers available here. https://www.premierlacewigs.com/referral/index/index/id/11743/

Chinese hair has a thicker denier which results in the hair being extremely straight this may cause resistance to curls and body.

Indian hair has a thinner denier close to a European hair but has texture and wave.

Brazilian is  has a higher quality, it is thick,smooth, silky and more durable. It blends well with any skin color and well suited for long term use. My best choice by far is Brazilian hair which is well suited for Alopecia wearers. Step into the world with beauty and radiance. https://www.premierlacewigs.com/referral/index/index/id/11743/

Author: Maria

My name is Maria, I have Alopecia, I would like to help others with the challenges of living with the condition of Alopecia.

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