My Sexy Hair

Blonde Bob Full Lace Virgin Human Hair 14 Inches

Human hair wigs are made for 100% natural hair and can be worn in multiple of styles, synthetic hair are more limited. The best advantage of human hair is that it is going to give you a longer wear to a synthetic wig. Human hair will require more care just like your own hair. Yes they may be more expensive but well worth the investment to create you looking flawlessly beautiful with confidence. Step into the world with your first best wig.

Each wig is hand selected with classy hairstyles to suite your appearance. Human lace wigs offer different lengths from 14,16,18,22 and 24 inch. All wigs are quality controlled and inspected to offer your the best quality hair for all Alopecian women.

Click on the link to find a wide range of fabulous affordable quality wigs for Alopecia ladies. “Brace yourself with Alopecia you are perfect in God’s creation”

Author: Maria

My name is Maria, I have Alopecia, I would like to help others with the challenges of living with the condition of Alopecia.

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